Analisa Pengaruh Precooling Dan Penyimpanan Dingin Terhadap Perubahan Kualitas Fisik Terong


  • Maya Sari Universitas Quality


Pengaruh Precolling, Perubahan Kwalitas, Terong


Eggplant is one of the type of horticultural commodities which is largely get in the market. Postharvest handling of eggplant need to be done by farmers or researcher. Therefore, this research has done, with purpose to analyze physical quality changes after doing postharvest handling like precooling and low temperatures storage. Precooling treatment on this research is using of water with temperature about 7oC and timing of precooling about 10 and 20 minutes, and then varied storage temperatures are 7oC, 15oC and 28oC during 11 days. While precooling, changes of physical quality are measured such as texture and color.

This research shows that precooling can decreased temperature of eggplants. Precooling and low temperature storage can maintain eggplant texture then color of eggplant didn’t change significantly.