Pengaruh Kebijakan Manajemen Dalam Meningkatkan Loyalitas dan Disiplin Karyawan


  • Ingan Ukur Br Sitepu Universitas Quality


The purpose of this study to determine the influence of management policies in increasing employee loyalty and discipline in 1912 Bumiputra Ajb Branch Kabanjahe. Knowing what is being done AJB Bumiputera 1012 Branch Kabanjahe in raising issues of loyalty and discipline employees.

The method used is descriptive method consisting of validity, reliability test, correlation test F test, T test and the coefficient of determination (R2).

Tests carried out using SPSS version 17.0. Data collection is observation, interview and questionnaire. Object studied were employees 1912 employees Ajb Bumiputra Kabanjahe. Research branch uses 66 respondents as the research sample. The results of this study show variable policy management and significant positive effect on loyalty and discipline employees Ajb Bumiputra 1912 Kabanjahe Branch. It is seen from the F test with significant values 0242 <0.05. Based of the T test of variable management policies very influential variable employee discipline. On the coefficient of determination (R2) in view of Adjusted R2 99.9%, which means that the dependent variable is the loyalty and discipline of employees can be explained by using a free variable that management policies.