Perencanaan Simulasi Pemilihan Jenis Turbin Air Dari Perhitungan Debit Aliran Air Sungai Dengan Rumus Empiris dan Menggunakan Software Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0


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Simulasi, PLTMH, Visualbasic 6.0


Fuel for power plants today still use fossil fuels, where availability is very limited. This makes many countries including Indonesia look for ways to use the power fields and aspects of life. To overcome the energy crisis, there is no choice but to increase the utilization of renewable energy. Renewable energy is non-fossil energy that comes from nature and can not be exhausted, such as solar energy, biomass energy or biogas, bioethanol energy, biodiesel energy, geothermal energy, water energy, And ocean energy. In micro hydro water turbine planning performed, generally still using a complex manual calculations. This paper aims to determine the type of water that is affected by the topography, and the intensity of the rainfall in an area calculated by the empirical equations, and to facilitate the calculation of the turbine design by building information systems using Visual Basic 6.0 program.