Pengaruh Disiplin Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Pegawai di Kecamatan Tiganderket


  • Ingan Ukur Br Sitepu Universitas Quality


Work Discipline, Employee Performance


This study aims to determine the influence of Work Discipline on Pegawai Performance in District Three Nderket Karo Regency, the method used is a quantitative method. Technique of data collecting is done obserpasi, interview, and spreading of kuesioner. Based on the results of research shows the influence of work discipline on employee performance in Tiganderket Sub-district is 94.09%, but it is also influenced by other factors outside the study of 5.91%.

Problems: (1) Lack of mutual respect among employees in doing work (2). Return time isnot right. Suggestion (1) further improve the attitude of work ethics in order to establish good working relationship and support the discipline and performance of employees (2), Peminpin must be more assertive in taking action and dare to punish every employee who dibinspliner.