Implementasi Jaringan Saraf Tiruan Terhadap Pengenalan Karakter Alfa Numerik


  • Lisda J. Pangaribuan


jaringan saraf tiruan, alfa numerik


At a moment breakthrough, falsification data seldom done by people hence needed a technology to recognition the pure data. Character Recognition is a part of computer science to help data processing.

In this final assignment explain about a system to recognition a pattern called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). A character recognition will be written by using light pen or mouse in a definite resolution so neural network with kohonen learning method can be used for detection the image to one of character alphabet. The main goal of this final assignment is create software that can recognize character (image) using image processing neural network with algorithm kohonen. This system developed use Java programming Language. The result testing shows that all of type character which have so many noise can be known by neural network.