Analisis Kesalahan Mahasiswa Dalam Mata Kuliah Analisis Kompleks


  • Ribka Kariani Br Sembiring Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas


Analysis Of Student Errors, Analysis Complex


This research was aims to determine the errors of students majoring in Mathematics education in solving problems Trigonometry as a prerequisite Analysis Complex, and the cause of the occurrence of skills errors, concept errors and mistakes made by students of study program Mathematics Education in problem solving in Complex Analysis courses. This research uses descriptive research method, which is to describe and comparative types of errors in solving Trigonometry problems as a prerequisite of Complex Analysis. Subjects in this study were all students of mathematics education program even semester of academic year 2016/2017 which take course Complex Analysis. The results showed that the percentage of mistakes made by the students of Mathematics Education program in solving trigonometry problems that became the prerequisite of Complex Analysis were 11.8% principle errors, followed by skill error of 20.7% and concept error of 27.5%. The cause of the above error in solving trigonometric problems that become the prerequisite of Complex Analysis is that students can not remember the formula that will be used, less careful in answering the question so that it is wrong, less careful in answering the matter, no preparation for the test, no longer remember how to solve the problem and not enough time in taking the test.