Pengaruh Promosi Terhadap Peningkatan Kinerja Pegawai pada PT Yudati Putra Sentosa Medan


  • Ingan Ukur Br Sitepu Universitas Quality


Promotion, Employee Performance


Performance productivity (work) has become the center of attention from various circles both government and companies or organizations in general. So much attention to the problem of performance productivity can be understood because it concerns the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of human resources to achieve the goals set by an organization. The problems in this research are: 1). How to describe the promotion given to employees at PT.Yudati Sentosa Medan. 2). How to describe the performance of employees at PT. Yudati Putra Sentosa Medan. 3). Is there any promotion effect to the improvement of employee performance at PT. Yudati Sentosa Medan

From the implementation of this study obtained conclusion research are: 1). Promotion given by PT. Yudati Senosa Medan to Employees is getting an average of 70.98 with very good category. 2). Employee performance PT.Yudati Sentosa Medan got an average score of 63.92 with very good category. 3). There is a significant influence between promotion and employee performance of PT. Yudati Sentosa Medan.


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