Perbedaan Hasil Belajar Analisis Kalimat Efektif Metode Drill Dengan Metode Resitasi Siswa Kelas XI SMA Teladan Cinta Damai Medan


  • Liana Siburian Politeknik MBP


Analisis kalimat efektif, Metode drill, Metode resitasi


Liana 0122108304 Differences in Learning Outcomes Effective Sentence Analysis Drill Method With Student Recitation Method Class XI SMA Teladan Cinta Damai Medan. This study aims to see whether there are differences in the results of effective analysis of sentence analysis by drill method with the method of student grade xi sma recipes of the field of peace loving. To get the data, the population is all the students of class XI, while the sample is taken as many as 80 people and divided into two classes of 40 people as a group Xa who learn to use drill method and 40 people of various groups Xb who learn menggunakaan recitation method. Methods in this study with experiments. The test used in this study is an objective test as much as 25 questions. Based on the results of the research can be seen that, the results of effective analysis of sentence analysis increased with a significant percentage increase of 28.19% with the average of the students' learning outcomes 72.3 classroom and control class 56.4. There is a significant difference in the results of effective sentence analysis using the drill method using the class XI recitation method of sma modeling the field peace.


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