Fungsi dan Penggunaan Nyanyian Katoneng-Katoneng Dalam Upacara Kerja Mengket Rumah Pada Masyarakat Karo


  • Anton Sitepu Universitas Katolik Santo Thomas


The intent and purpose of this research is to uncover, evaluate, analyze and understand the existence of singing katoneng-katoneng in the context of work on the house mengket Karo society. To obtain maximum results and authentic, on-katoneng katoneng singing in the context of work mengket home, the research done is to pproach multisciplinary

To uncover the problem in this study, the method used is qualitative with a multidisciplinary approach that is more focused on the semiotic approach and assisted etnomusicology with other sciences as a supporter. The research divided on the preparation, execution, and reporting with a view, observing, recording of the singing-katoneng katoneng audio-visual, conduct interviews, job analysis of the text of the song and aspect-building aspect musical melody. From the results obtained, Katoneng-katoneng as traditional singing in the work context mengket this house is a mirror and reflection of sukut Sitepu mergana life as a party conducting the work. This is clearly revealed through lyric and melody of his music, which is mixed with the use of languages metaphorically through structural and semiotic approach.

In the tradition of singing katoneng-katoneng study done by oral-informal. This means that the learning process carried out disembarang place, any time (not tied to a rules like in an organization / institution.

Based filmed singing katoneng-katoneng built using techniques sillabic (one note for each syllable, sillabis) and melismatic techniques (merging several notes to one syllable, melismatis). Should be assumed that sillabis technique is an expression of the feeling of perkolong-kolongunder which poured through the words or lyrics, while the technique is the expression of feelings perkolong-kolong melismatis-under which poured through the groove melodic music (melodic line) . As rengget who worked with the tended to be melismatis techniques are at the end of the phrase.


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