Pengembangan Silabus dan Skenario Pembelajaran (SAP) Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetensi


  • Rosma Nababan Universitas Darma Agung


Syllabus, Learning scenario


Developing syllabus and learning scenario done completely by teacher in each education level and by lecturer at university that administer subject match with the condition of each school or university.

Syllabus is translation from standard competency and basic competency into the subject, learning activity, and indicator of competency which developer by fundamental of : scientific ; relevant ; systematic, consistent, sufficient, actual, and contextual, comprehensive and sustainable by notice input of learning evaluation, process evaluation, and learning plan evaluation

In the implementation, the syllabus described in learning scenario. Learning scenario is a learning plan, for each one subject of lectures which describe all of learning activity in effort to achieve standard competency and basic competency of learning.