Perbedaan Pemakaian Bahasa Jender di Sumatera Utara


  • Liana AMIK Medan Business Polytechnic


Differences between women and men, one of whom is a difference in language. In speaking women have a tendency to express his point is not straightforward or through gestures speaking style (meta-message). This trend is not so with the intention expressed by men that conveys the intent bluntly.

Pragmatics examine the relationship of signs to interpreters or in other words pragmatics is the study of the relationship between the sign and interpreter. The core of the pragmatic study is (a) study of language use, (b) the study of language in a functional perspective, and (c) explain the aspects of language with reference to the effects and causes of non-linguistic.

Locutions speech act is a speech act to express something. This concept relates to a sentence proposition, namely in the subject or topic and there is a predicate. Illocutionary speech acts intended to express something and do something. To interpret the illocutionary speech act is necessary to understand the situation said. Perkolusi speech power has an influence on the hearer. Of conversational implicature is one part of a pragmatic study, in addition to deixis, presupposition, speech acts, and the structure of the conversation.

Gender is a socio-cultural interpretation of the difference between the sexes. Thus, gender is inherent in the relationship between women and men are socially and culturally constructed. Gender is more emphasis on the characteristics and nature of a person who is affected by socio-cultural aspects. Language is the epitome of sound arbriter system, which is used by members of a community to work together, interact, and identify.