Penerapan Teori Belajar Kurt Lewin Untuk Meningkatkan Kreativitas dan Hasil Belajar Matematika Pada Siswa Kelas VII SMP Hasanuddin Medan


  • Muhammad Daliani Universitas Quality


Learning Theory Kurt Lewin, Creativity Learning


This research applies Learning Theory Kurt Lewin. Learning Theory Kurt Lewin aims to increase creativity and mathematics learning result.Techniques and data collection tools in this study through tests and observation. Subjects were students of class VII Hasanuddin Medan Academic Year 2014/2015, totaling 30 students consisting of 17 male students and 13 female students.

The results of students' creativity observations obtained from the first cycle and the second cycle indicators express creativity rated highest are on the critical aspects of the opinions of others, while the lowest is assessed on aspects of persevering and not easily bored. From the results showed that the level of creativity of students have achieved the desired value. Meanwhile, the percentage of completeness of student learning outcomes were obtained at 10% gain in initial tests with an average total of 47.5 In the first cycle completeness of 43.33% with a total average of 53.67 and the second cycle completeness of 93.33% with total average of 84.5. This showed an increase in student learning result in each cycle.

Thus, the Learning Theory Kurt Lewin has been proven that there is an increase in students' creativity. Where, creativity affect improving student learning result Hasanuddin Medan class VII Academic Year 2014/2015.